What is Early Years Management

Early Years (or previously known as ‘Cluster’) Management was first introduced in 2003 to reduce the administrative management burden on kindergarten parent committees, strengthen the management and delivery of community-based kindergarten programs and provide kindergarten staff with professional employment arrangements.

The aim of Early Years Management is to:

  • Reduce the administrative pressures and responsibility for individual committees in the delivery of early childhood education services
  • Enhance and improve the recruitment, retention, professional development, peer support, career path and security of entitlements for staff
  • Increase the long-term sustainability and viability of services by encouraging local planning and appropriate consolidation
  • Actively encourage and strengthen links between family services at a local, municipal and regional level
  • Sustain the involvement of parents in early childhood

Early Year Management organisations are sustainable, viable and responsive to children, families and their communitiesThere are benefits for everyone involved in the kindergarten program; parents and families, teachers and educators, and most importantly, the children in kindergarten program.

Early Years Management was developed by the Victorian state government in response to many volunteer committees of management feeling burdened by the increasing administration, financial accountability and employer responsibilities. With these pressures reduced parents and teachers are able to invest their time and energy into providing a quality educational experience for their children while at kindergarten.

Why Early Years Management is Important?

We are working in an environment with an unprecedented focus on early childhood education at all levels of government.The strategic importance of early childhood education in promoting the best outcomes for children has been recognised, as has the social and economic benefits of supporting parents in their role as the first and most enduring educators of children.There is significant change as policy reform initiatives that have been years in development, are implemented and embedded into practise within children’s services around the state. In Victoria these quality reforms include:

National Quality Framework and the National Quality Standards
Universal Access – 15 hours of early childhood education
Transition Learning and Development Statement. As the approved provider GEKA is the recognised legal representative in relation to National legislation, regulations and standards. GEKA comply with the Early Years Management Policy Framework (2016).

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