GEKA Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

We believe in the uniqueness of each individual and the differences each community possesses. Each of the GEKA kindergartens therefore, have maintained its own service philosophy. We acknowledge there are common threads that bind each philosophy and thus the GEKA community together.

Each Kindergarten acknowledges its connection to the Glen Eira Kindergarten Association (GEKA) Inc. and upholds the vision and values of this association. We believe that a statement of the kindergarten’s philosophy changes as new insights are gained and practice is evaluated.
GEKA’s philosophy is influenced by the GEKA Code of Conduct, the National Quality Framework, the ECA Code of Ethics (2016) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

GEKA Vision: To be the leading provider of innovative, professional, inclusive Early Years Education that fosters a lifelong love of learning.

GEKA Mission

To work in partnership with:

  • Children: GEKA is committed to maximising outcomes for children’s early years
  • Families: GEKA is committed to encouraging opportunities for families to be involved in their child’s early education
  • Educators: GEKA is committed to promoting pedagogical and career support that is consistent, professional and available
  • Community: GEKA is committed to providing professionally run early years services within the Glen Eira community

GEKA Values

* Respect   * Authenticity   * Integrity   * Community   * Celebration

GEKA Goals

  • Provide quality early childhood and care programs for all children enrolled in a GEKA kindergarten
  • Ensure that families are provided with information regarding their child’s year at kindergarten and how they can be involved
  • Ensure that all GEKA educators are provided with an orientation program that ensures a smooth transition to GEKA
  • Ensure that GEKA builds a sustainable organisation that has a robust governance structure and financially viable framework