GEKA Term 2 Newsletter 2020

Welcome to the Term 2 Newsletter. We hope everyone in the GEKA community are safe and well. We acknowledge the challenges families, children and our educational teams have faced this past term and we extend our sincere thanks to everyone for their considered approach to utilising the kindergarten services and adhering to necessary restrictions. This newsletter contains some useful tips

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GEKA Term 1 Newsletter 2020

Welcome to the Term 1 Newsletter. We sincerely hope everyone in the GEKA community are taking steps to safeguard yourselves from COVID-19, not just the virus itself, but also from the mental health impacts staying home can have on individuals and as a family. This edition is made up of stories that highlight how our teams work with the community,

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GEKA Term 4 Newsletter 2019

Welcome to the Term 4 Newsletter. This edition reflects the partnerships and contributions we have made to the wider community. We hope you enjoy our inclusive new online format which can be translated into over 100 languages. We wish the children in our four year old groups and their families all the very best as you transition to school, and

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