3 Year old Enrolments

When to send my child to three year old kindergarten

A child eligible for 3 year old Kindergarten MUST turn three (3) by 30th April in the year they are attending. Please refer to the table below.

Date of Birth Enrolments Open from 1 May Year Attending
01 May 2015 – 30 April 2016 01 May 2018 2019
01 May 2016 – 30 April 2017 01 May 2019 2020
01 May 2017 – 30 April 2018 01 May 2020 2021

If your child has not turned three by the start of first term (but turns 3 by the 30April), you can either:

  • stay on the waiting list and if a place becomes available you will be notified, or
  • secure your child’s place by payment of the first term’s fees, but your child may not attend until he/she has his/her third birthday, or
  • you may visit the kindergarten for short periods of time with your child until they turn three. This will be prearranged with the teacher

Three-year-old kindergarten enrolments are taken directly by GEKA and do not influence four-year-old enrolments.

When to Enrol for three year old kindergarten

Registration to waitlist your child for three year old kindergarten open from 1 May, the year prior to your child attending kindergarten. Applications will not be accepted prior to 1 May. Due to high demand, families are encouraged to apply for kindergarten early. Children whose birth dates fall between 1 May 2014 and 30 April 2015 are eligible to attend three year old kindergarten in 2018. See table above.

How to Enrol at GEKA for three year old kindergarten

Complete GEKA’s ONLINE ENROLMENT REGISTRATION APPLICATION 3 Year Old Online Enrolment Application to waitlist for three year old kindergarten. You can choose a first, second and third kindergarten of choice on the one application form .There is a non-refundable registration fee of $25.

Once your registration is received, your child’s name will be placed on the waitlist. This waitlists your child and does not guarantee them a position. Once on the waitlist it is YOUR responsibility to keep your contact information current. Please advise any changes in writing.

Applications will only be accepted from 1 May, and any applications received prior to this, will not be accepted. Applications submitted directly to the kindergartens will also not be accepted.

A request to change preference without a change of address, the priority date the application will be based upon is the date of the change of preference request was received by GEKA.

Making an offer of a place at GEKA

Places are offered by date of application (the time you lodge your application is not a factor). Where the number of applications received on the same day exceed places available, offers are then determined through a random ballot.

The offers of places will be made in accordance with the selection criteria. Priority will be given to:

  • Children who have been approved to repeat a second year of three year old kindergarten.
  • Children who were eligible to attend in the previous year but deferred or withdrew from the service on or before the last day of Term 1.
  • Families who have had another child attend the kindergarten in the last five years. Sibling preference ONLY applies to applications submitted on 1st May.
  • Children who have disabilities or additional needs
  • Children who are eligible for the Early Start Kindergarten Program (three-year-old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, and children known to Child Protection may be eligible for this scheme). Details are available at www.education.vic.gov.au/childhood/parents/kindergarten/Pages/earlystart.aspx

The offers of place commence in June/July in the year prior to commencement of kindergarten. Subsequent offers will be made until all kindergartens are full and/or all children on the list have been offered a place. Places will be confirmed via email in September the year prior to attending.

If you receive a letter of offer for a place, to accept it you must return the Enrolment Acceptance form by the date specified with a non-refundable $100 holding deposit. The kindergarten place will remain secure until due date of term one fees.

Orientation Sessions

If you have accepted a position you will be notified via email and invited to attend an Information Evening in October/November (year prior to commencement). In November/December you will also be invited to attend a Welcome Afternoon at the kindergarten. This provides an opportunity to meet the educational team, become familiar with the kindergarten environment, learn more about the flexible program, what you need to bring and to submit all enrolment documentation.


From 1 January 2016, by law, parents/guardians seeking to enrol their child at a GEKA kindergarten will be required to provide an Immunisation History Statement that shows the child:

  • is up-to-date with vaccinations for their age OR
  • is on vaccine catch-up schedule OR
  • has a medical condition preventing them from being fully vaccinated.

For more immunisation information please click here Immunisation

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