Volunteer Parent Advisory Group

Volunteer Parent Advisory Group

Parents with children attending a GEKA Kindergarten are invited to join a Volunteer Parent Advisory Group (PAG) at their service.

The relationship between the volunteer PAG and GEKA is critical to the successful delivery of the kindergarten program. In collaboration, both parties work to deliver improved outcomes for children and families.

Each volunteer PAG is different and reflects its own uniqueness. Some examples of how the volunteer PAG can contribute to their kindergarten, as well as the wider GEKA and Glen Eira community include:

  • Fundraising activities
  • Working bees
  • Social events
  • Contribution within the program (come and learn through play!)
  • Communications through FlexiSchools
  • Meetings and welcoming new families
  • Bringing the community voice to the kindergartens

To find out more about joining your kindergarten volunteer PAG or for a copy of the GEKA Volunteer PAG Manual please contact the GEKA Office

Useful Documents

GEKA Communications – FlexiSchools App

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