Kindergarten Term Dates

Under the Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Award, all educators are entitled to at least two child free days each year.  These are taken at GEKA as follows:

  • The first session in term 1 is child free (no children attend the program), so that educators can attend professional development, set up aesthetically pleasing environments and to prepare documentation for the educational programs.
    In 2022 children commence Kindergarten from Monday 31 January 2022

  • The last session in term 4 is child free (no children attend and the program finishes up one session early) so that educators can pack up the environments and complete documentation for the program.

We ask families to keep these days in mind when making start and end of year arrangements.  All GEKA Kindergartens have the same term dates as Victorian State Schools. For more information and to view these dates please see below or visit:

For any additional questions, please contact us

Term Dates 2021 - 2022