Beautiful spaces to Inspire learning

GEKA currently manage ten kindergartens in the Glen Eira Community. We deliver both three and four year old programs from Monday to Friday.

Our flexible environments are purposefully arranged to capture children’s interests, ideas and cater to individual needs. Our commitment to natural resources is evident in creating open ended play spaces for children to imagine, create and discover.

We understand that it can take a little time for some children to adjust to a new environment; however, our experienced educational teams will assist families in whatever way they can make the process of transition a smooth one.

GEKA gratefully acknowledges the support of the Department of Education and Training (DET) and Glen Eira City Council.

GEKA Kindergartens implement a play based emergent curriculum that is built on current research from the National Early Years Learning Framework (NEYLF 2009).The NEYLF defines play based learning as “a context for learning through which children organise and make sense of their social worlds, as they engage actively with people, objects and representations” (p. 6). The curriculum provides rich learning experiences developed through a strength/interest based approach. There is a balance between adult led intentional teaching opportunities and child driven projects.

calm, relaxed atmosphere is evident as children are able to move between experiences in a flexible environment that supports individual rhythms. Transition times do not dominate the program and where possible, educators will work around children to ensure learning is not interrupted.

There are many opportunities to engage in small meaningful groups during informal morning/afternoon tea, out in the playground or whilst sitting on the couch to listen to a story.

Indoor/outdoor play is available to children throughout the day. We are committed to supporting children in ways that help connect them to the natural world in order to build and promote awareness of environmental and sustainable practices.

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