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GEKA Sacred Heart Kindergarten

Opening Term 1, 2021

GEKA Sacred Heart Kindergarten will commence operations in term 1, 2021 for children and families, offering a kindergarten program for both 3 and 4-year-old children.

Positioned on the school grounds, adjacent to the prep classrooms, the children in the kindergarten will share some common areas with school children, to work play and explore the learning environments.  A strength-based approach to learning will see children develop a strong sense of belonging and connectedness between the kindergarten and the school.

We are committed to working in partnership with the Sacred Heart Primary School team to develop authentic partnerships that support each child’s ability to transition to school with an eagerness to learn more.  We believe when children and families are valued for their knowledge, views and experiences and are an active part of the learning environment, everyone will thrive within it.

Managed by the Glen Eira Kindergarten Association, GEKA is a not-for-profit, Early Years Manager of local kindergartens in the municipalities of Monash and Glen Eira. Our role is to ensure that the delivery of programs for children are inclusive, reflective of contemporary research and are able to foster a lifelong love of learning. All services are connected through an overarching educational philosophical approach; however, each community also bring unique gifts to the learning space.

We are very pleased and proud to say that our services implement programs for children and families that are rated above the National Standard for high quality Education and Care. We are local and as such, pride ourselves on being able to support our children, our families, our educational teams and the wider community in a timely and responsive manner. The Department of Education and Training, as well as the Monash and Glen Eira Councils support us in our vision and our purpose.

Enrol in 3 year old Kindergarten Enrol in 4 year old Kindergarten


No Session

3 Year Old

8-30am – 1-30pm

No Session

4 Year Old

8-30am – 4-00pm

4 Year Old

8-30am – 4-00pm

Session times are an indication only and may be adjusted based on the number of children enrolled in the program.

Our timetable is designed to provide children with the opportunity to attend kindergarten on two consecutive days (Thursday and Friday).

We believe this timetable has many benefits to the learning outcomes and potentials by structuring the timetable this way.  The decision to do so is reflective of the Early Years Learning Framework (2009) that is set out Nationally, for all early childhood settings:

  • Longer periods of uninterrupted play enables children to extend their thinking and problem solving abilities.
  • Supports the development of project based inquiry work, where children can re-visit, reflect and apply thinking to ongoing ideas and concepts.
  • The physical environment can remain established and doesn’t need to be ‘packed up’ for the next group, enabling a deep sense of respect to develop for projects and individual learning opportunities (confidence and value boosting for children’s wellbeing).
  • Promotes a calm and unhurried environment conducive for learning.

This is not an exhaustive list as there are many, many benefits of offering children opportunities to learn in calm and responsive environments that provide long periods of uninterrupted play.  We also value and support the notion of ‘being’ which cultivates moments of rest, relaxation and calm in a high quality program that runs over a longer period of time.  Should you have any further queries, please contact an educator or Melissa MacMaster, Manager, Education and Curriculum for the Glen Eira Kindergarten Association (GEKA) Inc.  GEKA proudly manages the operation and the quality of the Kindergarten programs.

There are currently no events scheduled

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There are currently no events scheduled

Download the FlexiSchools app to receive up to date information on current events at GEKA Sacred Heart Kindergarten.


GEKA Sacred Heart Kindergarten Address

2 Mora Avenue,
Oakleigh, VIC 3166

03 8574 4562

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